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Clearing up popular misconceptions.

No. It's not. Depending on how "deep" you went in the Marriott purchase process, Marriott might try to block a few of your purchases in resale. For example, we find that those who bought directly from Marriott but then canceled within their 10 day rescission period are flagged, so to speak, versus those who never even went through a Marriott sales pitch. Someone who is flagged might have to attempt 7 or 8 times to purchase resale before they get one to go through. Whereas a person who is low on Marriott's radar might have to attempt 1 or 2 times.

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No. Not at all. Just like with a residential purchase, a good faith deposit is placed in escrow with a licensed title company. Should your purchase be intercepted by Marriott, you have the option of taking your deposit back or rolling it over into the next purchase attempt.

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They are currently 49.5 cents per point. If you own 3000 points per year, your maintenance bill will be roughly $1,500.

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Definitely not. There are three fees for buying resale: a) closing costs are $400, b) Marriott education fee is $300 for first time owners of trust points, and c) the Marriott transfer fee which is $2 per point, or a minimum $3,000. As an example, the person purchasing 5,000 points would have to pay: $10,000 to Marriott at closing, $300 to Marriott for the "education fee" and $400 in closing costs. Marriott is currently selling points at $13/point. Whereas, we sell them for $3.50 per point. If you do the math, even with the fees, purchasing resale still saves you over $7 per point.

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There is no difference as long as you pay Marriott that transfer fee discussed in #4. Marriott understands they will lose some clients who opt to purchase resale versus buy direct, therefore they make their money on transfer fees. In other words, they still make out well.

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Marriott points owners find us and ask us to sell their points ownerships for them because we don't charge upfront fees and only collect at closing on a sale. We follow the traditional real estate system for selling. We are one of the few companies that MVCI refers their owners to when they want to sell their ownerships in the resale market. They either have changed their vacationing style, have family situations change, or financial reasons cause them to sell.

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Yes, absolutely. We have owners selling their Maui Ocean Clubs, Aruba Surf Clubs, Mountainside, Grande Vista, etc. We have them all.

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That's probably the toughest question we get. That answer depends on your family size, travel patterns, and typical travel times. Here's a simple answer: if you like to travel during holidays, you should NOT own points. A holiday week will cost you too many points. You should instead own Weeks. If you like to travel in 2 night, 3 night increments (mini-vacations) then you should own points.

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No! If you own at, let's say Maui Ocean Club, then that would be your "home resort" but on the years you don't want to go to Maui, you can always exchange it out for other Marriott resorts or resorts within the Interval International system. You can also "deposit/rollover" your usage on any given year so that the following year, you have 2 weeks of vacation.

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Once documents are signed by both parties, they are sent to the title company who then forwards it to Marriott Vacation Club for approval and verification. Marriott usually takes 2 weeks to return all necessary documents. Then closing documents go out to both parties, deeds are prepared and recorded (this takes about 30 days) and then a transfer packet is sent to Marriott to complete the transfer. Marriott then takes another 2 weeks to finalize the transfer on their end. Once the title company receives written confirmation from Marriott that the ownership has transferred, they then release funds to the seller.

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Luxury Vacation Plans & Options

The Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points: Luxury vacation plans with a variety of options.

That's no surprise: since 1984, when Marriott resorts began offering timeshare options, savvy vacationers have benefited from "interval ownership." Those who wanted to "lock in" their vacations could enjoy the security of owning a week (or two, or a month) at their favorite resort, every year, without having to shop for reservations.

Vacationers had the advantage of developing friendships among others who owned the same week's at the same resort. Families could be confident that attractions, restaurants, and retail shops were sure to please. Corporations could offer first-class accommodations for important visitors, or present a valued client with a lasting memory.

No matter what someone's ideal vacation looked like, Marriott, with dozens of luxury resorts scattered across the country and around the world, could offer the time, destination, and amenities to assure their timeshare owners of the best vacation experiences ever.

Vacationers could find top quality resorts that catered to their specific situation, whether that meant a fun and active resort for singles, a family-friendly resort that welcomed children of all ages, or a quiet, service-oriented resort for retirees or business travelers.

The Evolution of Interval Ownership

As "legacy" owners' (those who purchased their weeks directly from Marriott) vacation interests evolved, Marriott's premier vacation resort options did, too: timeshare owners could put their weeks up for trade, and select a destination and week's that another legacy owner in Marriott's portfolio of resorts wanted to exchange. This meant they could count on the same first-class accommodations they enjoyed at their "home" resort, but with a new view and renewed excitement at exploring a different locale.

To meet the needs of owners interested in exchanging their weeks, an independent enterprise, Interval International, developed to handle the details of matching and confirming exchanges, even across brand identities. This meant legacy owners could vacation almost anywhere, even if their resort brand wasn't represented, or didn't have availability, in their chosen destination.

Thanks to Interval International, legacy owners could make a single phone call and be assured that they would be exchanging their own valuable timeshare week/s and resort in an "apples to apples" transaction that held no surprises.

Balancing Flexibility and Value

That wasn't always easy. One of the drawbacks to such exchanges was the difference in value of the weeks and destinations involved. A week at a Marriott resort in Maui cost two or three times as much as a week in Palm Springs. A week during a resort's busy season was more expensive than a stay in off-season. An even trade, week-for-week, wasn't feasible. Marriott saw the need to develop a program that would provide maximum flexibility as well as fair exchange value for its owners.



Introducing the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points Program

In mid-2010, Marriott introduced its Destination Points program to provide its legacy owners with the flexibility they wanted, and the security they needed in maintaining value-for-value. Instead of purchasing a specific location at a guaranteed time (legacy ownership), new buyers could purchase Destination Points and spend them at any of Marriott's growing number of resorts. Legacy owners were offered the opportunity to exchange the weeks that they'd locked in with interval ownership for a share in the Marriott Destination Points program, too.

Those who bought or converted to Destination Points enjoyed the security of knowing they could redeem their points at luxury Marriott resorts around the world. The Destination Points program also offered access to choice resorts outside the Marriott family.


What Are Destination Points?

Like traditional timeshares, each Destination Point represents your shared interest in resort ownership.

The difference is that Destination Points represent a deeded real estate interest in the Marriott Vacation Club Trust. Instead of holding interest in a specific resort for a specific week, your Destination Points are your share of the Trust's ownership of those weeks/resorts. Each resort's weeks and accommodations are assigned a point value, and you "spend" your points when you make your vacation reservation each year.

The number of Destination Points you purchase determines your ownership level, which in turn determines what kind of accommodations you can reserve, and at what time of year.

Marriott Destination Points Levels

Marriott Destination Points levels allow discriminating vacationers several levels of ownership.

Standard Ownership = < 4,000

Vacation Club Destination Points Select Ownership = 4,000 to 6,999 Points

Executive Ownership = 7,000 to 9,999 Points

Presidential Ownership = 10,000 to 14,999 Points

Chairman's Club Ownership = 15,000 or more Points

Reservation Windows

Standard Owners can make reservations for 7 or more consecutive nights up to 12 months in advance (13 months with a point premium). Fewer than 7 consecutive nights can be booked up to 10 months in advance.

Select Owners' reservations can be booked up to 13 months in advance for 7 or more consecutive nights, and up to 10 months in advance for 1 to 7 consecutive nights.

Executive, Presidential, and Chairman's Club Owners can book any number of nights up to 13 months in advance.

Using Your Destination Points

Today, the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program offers a level of flexibility in luxury vacation planning that goes far beyond the original timeshare concept.

With Destination Points, Marriott provides owners with access to premier timeshare resorts in some of the most sought-after destinations in the world. The program also offers owners the option of breaking up their vacations, allowing them to enjoy short getaways instead of having to take their vacations in week-long increments.

Owners of Destination Points experience the privilege of fully customized vacations. They select their destination, time of year, length of stay, and size of apartment, spending their Destination Points to craft the luxury vacations of their dreams without the legacy owner's concern that no one wanted to exchange weeks with them.

Marriott's Aruba Surf Club (visit is one of the Marriott Vacation Club's most popular resorts, and with good reason. The breathtaking ocean front location along Aruba's Palm Beach offers seclusion and lively entertainment in what is arguably one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

Here, you can select from garden view, ocean side, ocean front, or ocean view accommodations, with your choice of a studio or one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment. Immerse yourself in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea, or languish beside a luxurious pool. Dine in town, or enjoy the fare at the property's on-site restaurant or pub.

A weekend stay (Friday and Saturday nights) from early January to early February ranges from 300 points per night for a garden view studio, to 975 points for a 3-bedroom ocean view apartment. The same accommodations during the week (Sunday through Thursday nights) range from 250 to 675 points. Reserve the whole week for 1,600 points for a garden view studio, to 5,325 points for an ocean view 3-bedroom apartment.

As the popular tourist season advances, the points required to secure this idyllic location increase to 2,350 for a week in a garden view studio and 8,025 for a week in an ocean view 3-bedroom apartment.

Delay your vacation till the off season (early September to early November), though, and a week-end at Marriott's Aruba Surf Club can use as few as 200 points for the garden view studio (300 for ocean front), and 650 points for the ocean view 3-bedroom apartment. Stay the whole week during the off season and spend between 1,150 points for the garden view studio and 3,500 points for the ocean front two-bedroom apartment.

Another demand destination is the Hawaiian island of Maui. At the Maui Ocean Club, all the views are stellar. Here you can select from Island View, Mountain Garden, Ocean View, and Ocean Front vistas. Accommodations range in value from 275 points for mid-week rates in a Mountain Garden studio during select off season weeks, to 9,000 for a full week's stay in a two-bedroom apartment during the choice week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

You don't have to leave the U.S. mainland to experience Marriott's exceptional hospitality.

More than 30 resorts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, and Utah offer deluxe accommodations and some of the most memorable experiences for your vacation destinations. For a full listing, visit

Marriott's Custom House in Boston, Massachusetts, for example, offers 1-bedroom accommodations ranging from 200 to 350 points Sunday through Thursday, up to 925 points during Independence Day weekend, and 3,125 for the full week. The full week between Christmas and New Year's Day is 3,450 points.

Head west and enjoy colorful Colorado at Marriott's Mountain Valley Lodge in Breckenridge, and you can enjoy the off season in this ski resort for as few as 50 points per night, Sunday through Thursday. Visit at the height of ski season, at Christmas, and a studio can be had for 725 points. At this resort, rates can vary considerably from week to week so be sure you pay close attention to the points chart that you can access online.

Marriott continually searches for desirable locations around the world to extend your vacation options even further.

Marriott's proprietary resorts in the United States include:

Arizona Canyon Villas, Phoenix

California Timber Lodge, South Lake Tahoe Shadow Ridge, Palm Desert Newport Coast Villas, Newport Beach Desert Springs Villas, Palm Desert

Colorado Mountain Valley Lodge, Breckenridge Streamside, Vail

Florida Villas at Doral, Miami Ocean Pointe, Palm Beach Shores Lakeshore Reserve, Orlando Harbour Lake, Orlando Orlando Vista, Orlando Cypress Harbour, Orlando Crystal Shores, Marco Island Beach Place Towers, Fort Lauderdale Imperial Palms, Orlando Oceana Palms, Riviera Beach, Singer Island Royal Palms, Orlando

Hawaii Waiohai Beach Club, Koloa, Kauai Maui Ocean Club, Lahaina, Maui Ko Olina Beach Club, Kapolei, Oahu Kauai Beach Club, Lihue, Kauai

Massachusetts Custom House, Boston

Missouri Willow Ridge Lodge, Branson

Nevada Grand Chateau, Las Vegas

South Carolina SurfWatch, Hilton Head Island Grande Ocean, Hilton Head Island Barony Beach Club, Hilton Head Island Heritage Club, Hilton Head Island Monarch Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island OceanWatch, Myrtle Beach Harbour Point, Hilton Head Island

Virginia Manor Club at Ford's Colony, Williamsburg

Utah Summit Watch, Park City Mountainside, Park City

Marriott's international destinations are located in:

Aruba Aruba Surf Club, Palm Beach Aruba Ocean Club, Palm Beach

U.S. Virgin Islands Frenchman's Cove, St. Thomas

Spain Playa Andalua, Estepona, Malaga, Costa del Sol Club Son Antem, Mallorca Marbella Beach Resort, Marbella, Malaga, Costa del Sol

Caribbean St. Kitts Beach Club, Leeward Islands

France Village d'lle de france, Bailly-Romainvilliers

Marriott Vacation Club Collection Vacation Packages

Destination Points can also be used with Marriott's Vacation Club Collection vacation packages.

The Marriott Vacation Club Collection allows you to select from more than 50 exceptional resorts with accommodations ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom townhomes.

The World Traveler Collection includes more than 2,500 resorts in 70 countries. Exchanges are handled through Interval International and are available to Destination Points owners and Marriott Vacation Club owners enrolled in the Destination Exchange program.

The Marriott Collection allows Destination Points owners to trade their points for Marriott Rewards, which can be used at thousands of Marriott hotels and resorts around the world. Standard and Select owners can convert up to 50% of their Destination Points to Marriott Rewards points. Executive and Presidential owners may convert up to 65% of their Destination points, while Chairman's Club owners may convert up to 75% of their Destination Points to Marriott Rewards points.

The Explorer Collection offers several options for those who want a vacation that provides not only the ultimate in comfortable accommodations, but also memorable experiences.

Ocean Explorer vacations offer cruises to desirable destinations with all-inclusive amenities.

Active Explorer provides exhilarating experiences like mountain biking, river rafting, and taking your vacation off-road.

Epic Explorer vacations to such exotic destinations as Egypt, China, Tuscany, and Africa offer guided tours to educate and entertain.

City Explorer includes hotel packages, excursions, and unique experiences in popular cities like Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, CA; and New Orleans, LA.

Banking, Borrowing, and Being Savvy

Another benefit of Destination Points ownership is the opportunity to save the points you don't use in the current year and add them to your points for the following year/s.

It works the other way, too. If you don't have enough points for the vacation you're dreaming of this year, you can borrow Destination Points from your next year's allotment. You don't have to pass up that great dream vacation because you don't have quite enough points!

There are restrictions on these two benefits, so be sure you understand when and how you can make use of point banking before you activate them.

Standard and Select owners have the option of banking the current year's points for use in the upcoming year This option must be activated at least six months before the current anniversary date for the points program. Executive owners have until four months before their anniversary date to bank their points for the upcoming year Presidential owners also need to bank their points four months before their anniversary date, but they have 18 months to use them, while Chairman's Club owners, who also must bank four months in advance of their anniversary date, can bank their points for up to two years.

Destination Points owners at all levels need to remember that once you bank your points, it's the same as if you'd already used them for the current year. You can't bank them and still use them on this year's vacation.

If your travel bug starts to bite this year, but you don't have enough points to take you to your dream destination, you can borrow against next year's points. You don't have to suffer delayed gratification! Just remember that once you borrow against next year's points, they won't renew on your anniversary date until the year after next. You'll still be able to use the points you don't borrow, but those that you've borrowed against will be spent this year.

Think of your Destination Points the same way you think of the money in your checking and savings accounts. If you move money from checking (this year's points) to savings (next year's points), you can't write a check (use points) that's higher than your remaining balance. And if you transfer money from savings (next year's points) to checking (this year's points), you can write a check (spend your points) for this year's vacation, but you won't have that money (points) to use for next year's vacation any more.

Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points Levels

The higher your Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program level, the more perks you can claim!

Presidential and Chairman's Club owners are notified of special events and offers 30 to 60 days, respectively, before other owners.

Executive, Presidential, and Chairman's Club owners receive a $100 credit toward Guided Tour Excursions, and can use their Destination Points to book Adventure Cruises, Premier Events, and VIP weekends. They can use their Destination Points to secure additional luxury cruise tiers or to book nights for The Ritz/Carlton Hotel Stays.

Imaginative Uses

Your Destination Points can do more than provide you with an unforgettable vacation. If you find that you can't use your current year's points and don't want to bank them for use in the coming year, you can reserve a time and location and donate a luxury vacation to a charity fund-raiser. How exciting would it be to offer a premium gift like a week in Las Vegas or Maui, or a cruise or guided tour, to benefit your favorite charity? You have the added advantage of a tax-deductible donation to make this generous contribution a wise financial move.

You can surprise friends with a wonderful anniversary gift, or give them a memorable vacation "just because." Who doesn't have a close friend, someone you rely upon but whom you can never repay for all their support and kindness? Imagine the look of surprise, delight, and wonder on your friends' faces when you tell them they're being treated to a luxury vacation resort!

Bank your points for a year and use them to enjoy a shared vacation with friends or family. While it's great to get away by yourselves, sometimes it's even more fun to have a vacation that creates memories with those who are closest to you. Plan ahead and you can count on adding to your store of cherished shared memories with the people you care for the most.

If you regularly attend conferences or conventions, use your Destination Points at a resort close to your event and turn the business trip into an extended vacation. If your company covers your round trip and allows you to set a delayed return date, your only out-of-pocket expenses may be for your significant other's transportation, and the meals and events you enjoy on your own. You'll have luxury accommodations to enjoy at the end of a busy day of workshops, seminars, and panel discussions.

Take advantage of the flexible nature of Destination Points to plan a series of short getaways close to home. Staycations are increasingly popular in today's workforce, and a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies (yes, there is one, and it's legit!) shows that more short, frequent bursts of leisure increase happiness and emotional well-being, and lead to increased productivity, when compared to the traditional two-week vacation.

If you're approaching a milestone life event (50th birthday, silver or diamond anniversary, destination wedding, etc.), draw on next year's points to make that event more memorable this year. Then, use the rest of next year's points to enjoy several short staycations!

Is the Destination Points Program Right for You?

If you want a luxury vacation option that can change to meet your needs from year to year, the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program may be the right choice for you.

If you prefer the security of a guaranteed week at a resort you already know you love, then a traditional timeshare (available on the resale market; Marriott is no longer offering new legacy weeks) might serve you better.

The Destination Points program is more expensive, night for night, than legacy ownership. But it allows you greater control in structuring your vacation just the way you want it. Book three nights at a Marriott resort in Las Vegas, then take a long weekend in Aruba a few months later. With Destination Points, you can do it. Legacy owners are committed to their interval ownership contract for one or more weeks at the resort where their weeks are owned.

If you decide that the flexibility in the date, location, and accommodations you want to use is more important to you than the lower cost and security of knowing exactly where and when you'll be vacationing, then the Destination Program is right for you.

How Many Marriot Destination Points Should You Buy?

Again, it depends on what kind of a vacationer you are.

A good rule of thumb to use in determining how many Destination Points you need is this: If you're someone who likes to vacation during the off season, staying in a 2-bedroom apartment or villa, then you might be comfortable at the Standard ownership level with up to 4,000 points. However, if you want to travel during peak season to Maui and stay in a 2-bedroom / 2-bath villa, then you should plan on a Select level (4,000 to 6,999 points) or, to be sure you have the points you need, an Executive level (7,000 to 9,999 points). If you want it all (top season, ultra deluxe accommodations, the most breathtaking views), then set your sights on a Presidential (10,000 to 14,999 points) or Chairman's Club (15,000 + points) ownership level.

Keep in mind that you can enter the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program at a lower level and, over time, purchase more points until you reach the level that brings you the most comfortable and accommodating vacation to meet your needs.

This is a good time to talk about additional costs, whether you keep traditional legacy weeks or enter the Destination Points program. Maintenance fees for your resort ownership rise with inflation, so whether you are paying a proportional share to maintain your legacy resort, or being assessed a set amount per point through the Destination Points program, you need to bring that expense into your budget.

Why Buy Marriott's Vacation Club Destination Points Program?

If you've been looking at the various timeshare programs available, you know that Marriott's isn't the only option available. It's also not the least expensive. So why not take advantage of a cheaper program, one that mimics the Destination Points program, but without the higher cost. Why pay for the Marriott name?

Well, for several reasons. Before you decide that it might be less expensive to search among the "wannabees," those outside the Marriott family of resorts, consider this: there is no substitute for Marriott quality.

Every Marriott resort is custom built to Marriott's exacting standards. Marriott resorts are not acquisition properties, built by other brands with lower criteria. Quality and luxury are cornerstones of the Marriott experience, and once Marriott opens a resort, top-notch customer care is in place, as well. The Marriott brand ensures quality construction, the best amenities, and the most attentive staff possible.

In addition, Marriott has been a respected leader in this industry for decades, and has learned how to design its programs in response to the needs and desires expressed by travelers the world over. When you travel to a Marriott destination, you know you'll be surrounded by professionals in the hospitality industry who understand how to make their guests comfortable and your stay memorable.

Marriott is an innovator, always attuned to the subtle shifts in their guests' needs and expectations. Marriott moves quickly to meet and exceed those needs and expectations, and often anticipates them. Marriott guests are often pleasantly surprised with their resort experiences, thanks to Marriott's forward-looking philosophy.

The Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program offers you the greatest opportunity to personalize your vacation with excursion packages, adventure destinations, cruises, and select luxury resort choices.

Buying on the Resale Market

After they'd owned their timeshares for a number of years, some legacy owners wanted to sell their interval ownership, and a secondary market for interval ownership developed. Legacy owners whose children were grown didn't need their multi-bedroom accommodations. Travel goals, health issues, and investment strategies all affected the decision to hold or sell a time share, and with a growing market for luxury accommodations, legacy owners could make a profit selling their timeshare weeks on the secondary market.

Marriott retains the right of first refusal on the resale of its legacy weeks and Destination Points. When it exercises its option on legacy weeks, Marriott often converts them to the more flexible and popular Destination Points program. Its right of first refusal option must be exercised by Marriott within 15 to 30 days of being informed of a pending sale. Sales usually close in 60 to 90 days.

For those new to interval ownership who decide to buy legacy weeks on the resale market, there is the assurance that they retain all rights to use and exchange their weeks. They do not become members of the Destination Points program, nor do they have the right to convert their legacy weeks to the annual Marriott Rewards program, as do original legacy owners and Destination Points owners.

Destination Points are also available on the resale market, and all rights of ownership transfer to the buyer, as long as the buyer pays a $2 per point transfer fee to Marriott ($3,000 minimum fee). To find Destination Points on the resale market, visit Here, you'll find a listing of the price, annual fee, anniversary date, and year the points can be used.

Owners who are new to the Marriott program are also assessed a $300 education fee.

Yes, an education fee. There is a lot to learn about the benefits of the Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points program, a lot to learn about how the points can be used You want the most up-to-date information when program features change, or new features and resorts are added. You want to understand the ins-and-outs of Destination Points ownership, and how to use those points to get exactly the kind of luxury vacation you want. The education fee helps defray the costs of keeping you well informed.

To learn more about how Marriott Vacation Club Destination Points can help you create your most unforgettable vacations, contact the office by calling 407-347-6515, visiting online at, or sending an e-mail to


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